Soma, Morozov, and The Constant State

If you happened to have been stalking me online over the last decade or so, creating an intricately detailed account of things I post, you will know by now that I have a more-than-mild obsession with the Soma Puzzle.

If you haven’t been following my every move, I do respectfully ask you to question your life choices.

From a distance – you’re probably thinking “he just keeps posting these drawings/paintings of these bloody concrete soma things, then deleting them, then posting them again, years later. Is he broken?”

The truth is that A) I take ages to do anything and B) they’re not the same, I do just keep painting the same things over and over. I think there is an aspect of confidence, or lack thereof, in my own output – with a tinge of imposter syndrome (the socials do that to the best of us I think). But on the other hand, I enjoy it. The boy needs a hobby see?

Now though, as I’m nearing 40 (I can see it, just over the horizon. I’m not scared of it – but it does cast a very large shadow) I think everything is sort of coming together.

A year or two ago, maybe more; I came up with the bones of a story centred around these concrete soma boxes, a mysterious folio of unexplainable drawings and documents signed by some dude called Morozov, and his apparent discovery of another world/dimension/reality. All very back-of-a-fag-packet, roughshod stuff – but again, one needs a hobby.

Since then the idea – and this ‘world’ I’m creating in my head (the constant state – named after/recycled from a record label I started years ago) has swollen to the point that it will provide me with a creative outlet till I’m well out of the shade of 40. That feels good. My ‘hobbies’ keep me sane, and just knowing that I have a sort of banner to sit them in brings me much joy and has allowed me to actually plan something coherent.

So I’m starting to ramp up my output, and I’m hoping to have enough for some sort of publication (a little zine perhaps) this year, and a larger collection of work to start publishing, in one way or another, next year (toying with the idea of NFT, but not sure). Just writing this would have scared me a year or so ago, and I would have probably skulked back under my stone without hitting publish – for fear of having to actually finish something, but as I say – I’m feeling positive.

The first three pieces are below – three modules of Morozov’s seven-module cube dwelling, and a gateway to the Constant State.

My proverbial trainset in the attic.

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