Two Hearts (Part One) [2018]

A vinyl mix from 2018; I was aiming for deep – with an emotional/optimistic kind of air.

I’m not sure if I captured it, as it starts off in a sleazy disco, and goes through a dusty bazzar to get there – but it does get there in the end. Some absolute faves on here; highlights for me are the Rainer Trueby track, the Candle Family track and the sublime Manoo & Francois A burner..

Still one of the best mixes I’ve ever committed to tape. There was never a part two.


  1. Blue Tuesday – Joe’s Bakery Band [Macadam Mambo]
  2. Cave 4b, 50 Clicks Northwest – Porn Sword Tobacco [Aniara Recordings]
  3. Striptease – Bob Sinclar [Defected]
  4. Love Theme From Two Hearts – Candle Family [Unforgettable Music]
  5. All Good – Damiano Von Erckert [ava.]
  6. Soul Lite – Maricopa [Fools & Fables Recordings]
  7. Changing for You – Jesse Bru [Heart to Heart]
  8. To Know You – Rainer Trueby [Self Released – Not on label]
  9. The Deep – Manoo & Francois A [Buzzin’ Fly Records]
  10. Restart – Moodymann [KDJ]

Cover image by Youssef Naddam on Unsplash

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